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We want to make it easy for you to sign your child up for classes at Kids World Gymnastics.

Please print these .pdf files, fill them out and and bring them in. It’s that easy!


Kids World Gymnastics Liability & Release

If you wish to host a party at Kids World Gymnastics, please print out the left .pdf file below, fill it out, and bring it with you. Please understand that each guest attending the party must have a signed waiver on file (document below this one). You may also want to send out invitations. A sample one is provided on the right below.

BIRTHDAY & SPECIAL EVENT WAIVERKids World Gymnastics - Party Agreement SAMPLE BIRTHDAY INVITATIONKids World Gymnastics - Sample Birthday Invitation


If your child is participating in a Kids World Gymnastics Birthday Party or Special Event, please print out the .pdf file below, fill it out and send it with your child.


BIRTHDAY & SPECIAL EVENT WAIVERKids World Gymnastics - Birthday Waiver FLIPPING FRIDAY WAIVERKids World Gymnastics - Flipping Friday Waiver